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Citrix Presentation Server  

Citrix is the number one solution for delivering secure access to applications from anywhere using any device or connection anywhere in the world. Presentation Server enables Secure Virtual Office to providing secure, on-demand access to business applications while delivering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO), highest security, and best performance and scalability. Citrix provides safe, secure connectivity for people to access applications and information from any location, with any device, over any network, with the best possible access experience.

Secure Virtual Office provides a unique approach and breadth of applications that encompasses the convergence of networking, management and security technologies required to deliver applications on-demand.  

Secure Virtual Office runs Citrix Presentation Server runs over Microsoft Windows Server to extend the Windows Terminal Services platform and enhance user experience as well as increasing compatibility, security and scalability.

By using Citrix , Secure Virtual Office allows you to access your business-critical environment from any device or operating system – including Apple Macs and Linux .

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What Citrix offers

  • Best performance
  • Best availability
  • Strongest security
  • Most Flexible Access
  • Lowest cost
  • Greatest Safety

Best performance

Secure Virtual Office focuses in providing high-performance access to full application functionality over the Web and wireless connections. Smart technology allows performance that is consistently as good as or better than running software applications locally. Citrix ICA Protocol ensures that bandwidth demands are kept very low. Using the ICA protocol the user only sends encrypted and compressed keystrokes to the server which in return only sends back the bits of the screen display that have changed.

Best Availability

Accessing a server farm in a data centre will give your end users more uptime at lower overall caost. This is because less time is required to maintain a few servers in a server farm than it is required to supoport 100 desktops. In a data centre with fail over, load balancing and performance monitoring you can achieve zero downtime for your critical applications. Citrix can constantly monitors the health of all servers and balances the application load accross all servers.

Strongest security

Serving applications from a physically and electronically secure data centre is intrinsically safer than running applications from a local office server. Business benefits include physical security – protection against fire, floods and theft. Businesses also get digital security as all data transmitions are fully encrypted. It is easier to protect data centre servers rather than end user PCs as it is much easier to lock down a few servers as opposed to 100s of end user machines.

Citrix solutions are “secure by design,” meaning that comprehensive security is built in, not added after the fact. Citrix Presentation Server strengthens security by keeping applications and data on the server behind the firewall, instead of exposed on the desktop. The small amount of data travelling between server and client is encrypted. Access is centrally controlled and is based on permitted access to applications and the role of the user.

Most Flexible Access

Citrix supports flexible working, from home, office or clients premises. Any where you cam get a connection to the Internet and have a basic computer with an Internet Browser. You do not even need a broadband connection as even a 56k modem can support 2 or 3 users

Lowest cost

At first thought it appears to be a big commitment to move your applications from a desktop to a server farm on a remote data centre. In fact, a recent report by the Gartner group showed that the total cost of ownership over 3 years was 35% cheaper with a server using windows based terminal services compared with a typical Windows XP desktop and a locally managed server. Savings are generated because the environment is much more controlled and the servers are carefully maintained by experts demanding fewer resources than the equivalent computing capacity available from locally deployed servers and PCs.

Greatest Safety

In a data centre it is easier to keep your business critical data safe. This is because it is simpler to manage the backup of a few powerful machines than dozens of end user PCs. Your data is safe. By using Citrix Presentation Server to access applications businesses are able to accomodate flexible working and more easily able to satisfy a large part of their disaster recovery needs.

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