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7th July 2008

The 2020 Membership Group is a membership organisation for accountants and tax professionals

We are a membership organisation, not a network. A number of groups of accountants have held themselves out as networks or been classified by the courts as networks. This has resulted in wide-ranging litigation and exposure of network members to litigation. 2020 Membership Group is NOT a network – it is a membership organisation.

It was founded in the 1990s by three of the best-known consultants and seminar leaders in the profession, Ian Fletcher, Chris Frederiksen, and Gordon Gilchrist. They recognised that historical compliance services were likely to be limited growth areas for accountants and that progressive firms would need to offer their clients more value-added services. For that, new tools and ideas would be needed.

Ian, Chris and Gordon also recognised that firms would need to improve their efficiency dramatically and embrace new technology. One aspect of 2020 Membership is access to the latest tools for marketing and managing your practice and improving profits.

The 2020 Membership Group has grown steadily over the years, and currently has over 1200 member firms in the UK and Ireland, and well-established membership groups in other countries, including the USA, Canada, and other English-speaking countries. Firms of all sizes are welcome to join the group – the vast majority of members are firms with one to ten equity owners.


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