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5th March 2008

Secure Franchise Management is not just another Application – it is a whole new way of Managing your Franchise Operations

Do you want to:

• make the task of identifying and recruiting new Franchisees easier and more effective?

• make sure that your top team are properly focused on the tasks you have assigned to them?

• be constantly in touch with their progress without hounding them on the ‘phone or forcing them to come into the office for a chat?

• view key performance indicators at the touch of a button?

• drill down on areas that are off-target so that you can quickly spot the ‘root cause’ of poor performance and provide remedial support before the damage becomes endemic?

• fill in reports in real time that are easy for them to complete and for you to digest the salient points?

• update action lists and reset priorities in real time?

• have a solution that is accessible over the Internet but totally secure and private?

• have a solution that integrates seamlessly into other electronic office applications – MS Word, Outlook Mail, Excel spread sheets

You probably need a Secure Franchise Management Solution that is affordable, easy to use and will pay for itself within a few months

You have undoubtedly seen some products out there at trade shows or in specialist magazines, but do you get the feeling –yes – OK some nice features – but it does not really capture the way I want my business to run and I do not have time to recast my business to fit in with these templates?

Well, what would probably suit you much better is a highly configurable solution that can be shaped to fit how you want your business to work today but which will grow with and allow you to reshape the way you might want to do business tomorrow.

If this hits a few buttons, then you could profit from taking a deeper look at a Secure Franchise Management Solution developed and Powered by Flightdeck CRM. Flightdeck is a highly acclaimed Customer Relationship Management tool that gives you a 360º ‘bird’s eye view of your Franchise.

Look out for future issues of this magazine that will show you how to use this solution to help your Franchisees to be more effective in developing their territories and to speed up communications across your network.

In the meantime you can get more information at: or

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