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18th July 2005

Secure Virtual Office has launched a new service offering a ground breaking solution for many SMEs.

Housed in conventional commercial premises most SMEs have inadequately protected IT systems, and are vulnerable to fire, theft and vandalism. Should such an event occur, they can wipe out businesses forever. With the increasing use of Internet technology, larger companies have been closing down their departmental and branch-based client service operations and opting to re-inject the savings into a reduced number of Data Centres. Typically, Data Centres benefit from round the clock security, multiple connections to the national grid and Internet, diesel generator standby sets, 24-hour performance monitoring, daily data backups and the best fire protection, anti-virus protection and anti-hacking protection available. Smaller businesses have previously been unable to finance the set up costs of changing to this model as the minimum capacity available from Data Centres by far exceeds the needs of a medium sized business.

We offer hosted access to MS Office Applications and an accounting package of your choice. This is achieved by running MS Terminal Services over a fully encrypted VPN connection through a browser running on your PC. The applications run on high speed servers housed in an electronically and physically secure Data Centre in London’s Docklands. The advantage is that in return for a monthly subscription you are always able run the latest release of the applications and you are protected from viruses and intrusion attacks. Your documents and data files are always available, secure and backed-up daily and there is on site technical support 24 x 7.

To many in the industry, this constitutes the real digital divide between those that access their applications in a corporate owned Data Centre and those that have to make do with less well supported and less well protected computer assets. A breakthrough solution to this endemic problem is being offered by Secure Virtual Office.

Secure Virtual Office has bought bulk capacity in well built high facility data centres and will let economic lots to the region’s businesses, allowing them to take advantage of the technology enjoyed by the Global 500 corporations. Access to these high-speed servers always running the latest software release is by monthly subscription, hence forever avoiding costly mid life upgrades.

These services are being launched now and the first ten user registrations will be entitled to a special introductory offer of three months subscription free service.

Applications on offer include:

  • MS Office Standard Suite
  • an accounting and payroll package of the client’s choice
  • MS Exchange e-mailing system
  • a choice of CRM packages

Secure Virtual Office, Managing Director Bill Duncan says:

“We are not the first company to offer hosted application solutions to micro, small and medium size businesses, but we are probably unique in offering both MS Office and an accounting package run out of the same Data Centre. This provides fantastic opportunities for small companies to embrace the digital economy and compete on a level playing field with the large enterprises.”

Secure Virtual Office is offering to run any modern application that will run under Windows from their electronically and physically secure Data Centre, supported by a well trained technical team equipped with the latest monitoring and performance tuning tools, accessed through 128 bit encryption VPN (Virtual Private Network) links. This is taking enterprise strength ICT outsourcing solutions into the SME marketplace at an affordable price.

The beauty of Secure Virtual Office is that registered users can access their applications and data files at any time, from any location with a connection to the Internet. Since the documents never leave the data centre there are never any problems trying to synchronise documents between the office, home and notebook computers. Catching up on office work can be done from home without having to stay late at the office or ‘pop back’ in the evening or weekend. That can add-up to a significant life style improvement for all the staff, not just the boss.



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