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3rd March 2009

Secure Virtual Office launches Secure Business Continuity Service

Bill Duncan told us that after in depth market research and technical investigation Secure Virtual Office had decided to launch a new service called Secure Business Continuity.

“The primary threat to any business survival is to ensure physical and electronic access to their telephone system. Traditionally this has been expensive and beyond the reach of most small and medium size businesses. Now with VoIP technology, flexible communications becomes affordable for all.”

“Similarly preservation of key business documents including Accounting Records and correspondence with customers, suppliers and future prospects. Paper documents are very fragile but electronic documents, particularly if backed up off-site can be very resilient.”

Equally important is maintaining sound and consistent relationships with key customers and suppliers and this is most easily achieved with a CRM solution.”

“The traditional approach was to back up this data and transfer it ‘off-site’ each night. This was both costly and problematical. The new paradigm is called Cloud Computing which offers a fully managed Software plus Service approach. The data and the applications reside in a secure repository within The Cloud. As a consequence the time strapped manager and his team can be confident of accessing their data ‘Whatever the weather and whatever the time, day or night’.

“So to deliver joined up Business Continuity services we have teamed up with existing Alliance Partners, Rosecom. Flightdeck and Docusoft



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