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8th October 2009

Secure Document Exchange

As we all know there are a number of companies offering Document Exchange Bureaux. One of the most versatile Platforms is MS SharePoint Services which runs as an Internet Information Services portal. We would make access available over a fully encrypted connection. This means that all documents are uploaded and downloaded over a fully encrypted link and only validated users can decrypt a document for viewing. The SharePoint Solution is very well engineered and has many attractive in-built features.

One of the powerful features built in to Sharepoint is the Security features which have been developed round security requirements defined by DoD Contractors.

The primary concept is the Site Administrator who can limit visibility to who can ‘see’ a folder within a site. The next concept is a document owner and he can set permissions on his document which will dictate who can see, open to view, open to download and edit a document all with full version control.

Our concept is that there would be a general members area where you could post general purpose reports, forms, guides and templates. The advantage is you would only need to store one copy in this semi-private area.

By contrast, the individual members’ area would only be visible to that particular member. Here you could post year end returns and management reports and correspondence from statutory authorities.

This is far beyond the functionality of most conventional Document Exchanges and brings an attractive Secure Information Portal within the affordability of most of your Clients using the latest collaboration technologies where additional innovative features can be added over time.



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