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18th March 2008

Secure Franchise Management is not just another Application – it is a whole new way of Managing your Franchise Operations

We first met some of you at Franchise Supplier Showcase at Whittlebury Hall in early May

We look forward to meeting many more of you at the National Motor Cycle Museum on the 18 th November.

Every month we talk to many different Franchisors about how an effective Franchise Management Strategy would help achieve their business objectives. It’s really interesting to compare the different views each Franchisor has about their business and what is most important to them. It was not long before we began to understand that what we were discussing was different aspects of the same recurring life cycle of growth and development.

The emphasis changed at different points in the growth cycle but the pattern was strong and repetitive. What amazed us was that the demand for information and guidance on how best to allocate scarce resource often became overwhelming. It was then that we decided to offer Secure Franchise Management as an information platform to accelerate and improve quality of communications between:

  • The Franchisor and his top management team
    • Managing the Franchisee Recruitment programme
    • Delegating actions and updating ‘action lists’
    • Receiving feed back and Action Reports in real time
    • Rescheduling priorities and adding instant messages in real time
    • Maximising productivity by incorporating local visits and dealing with field enquiries on the fly
  • The Franchisors Top Management Team and their field agents and Franchisees
    • Helping them to keep in touch and assist with day to day queries on the fly as the Franchisor recruits and expands his Franchisee community
    • Provide training and support for new Franchisees
    • Provide proactive assistance for established Franchisees to continue to grow and develop their territories and retail base
  • The Franchisees can easily embrace a fully tried and tested solutions framework with a well documented set of procedures to help them maximise the potential of their territories with:
    • pre-designed templates and workflows to help them administer and expand their retail base
    • fully integrated contact and communications management tools to maintain excellent communications with their customers and sales teams
    • internal ordering and reporting mechanisms
    • management reports and claims forms
    • statutory returns, including VAT reports and year end trial balances to facilitate year end Tax Reporting requirements.


The Secure Franchise Management solution is available as an ‘On Premise’ or ‘Cloud Based’ solution

We will tell you more in future instalments but if you want more immediate information please call Sales on 0845 130 6063

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