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14th July 2007

UKita appoints Bill Duncan as leader of its newly formed Special Interest and Information Group SIIG for Business Continuity.

Bob Boyd, CEO at Ukita said, “UKita is a not for profit trade organisation focused on encouraging members to make more efficient use of IT services and products that use or deliver for their customers. Across the Globe, Governments are increasingly concerned on building resilience into the communities that they serve. As Global Economies become more integrated a single failure in one part of the World can have serious repercussions that can ripple across from one country to another. However, there are technologies and well proven business practices that can mitigate the effect of both natural and man made disasters including the effects arising from organised crime and criminal activity. Bill is very experienced in developing and implementing Business Continuity solutions across many diverse Industry Sectors and we are delighted that he has accepted the challenge to lead the UKita initiative on Business Continuity. Already we are forming partnership arrangements that can draw on expert experience made available through WARP and temporary physical accommodation that can be made available through UKSPA


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