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16th November 2009

Ten Reasons why a Business should use a Data Centre for their business IT


There are savings to be made in every direction.

  • no need to buy costly servers,
  • no need to upgrade and buy ever more powerful desktops
  • no need to protect them with expensive firewalls
  • no need to buy expensive backup equipment and media.
  • and most significantly no need to pay expensive maintenance and support costs on all of the above.


All that is required is a simple computer running a browser and a connection to the Internet. This convenience allows people to work from home or clients offices and for mobile workers they can use a 3G radio card or a WiFi hot spot.

Since the data never leaves the data centre there is no fear of confidential information getting into the wrong hands or other members of the family.


The applications run on high speed servers so editing large reports, running spread sheets, browsing the Internet - all go much faster.


Only authorised engineers can get access to the data centre. The data centres have massive built in redundancy. First they have multiple connections to two separate electricity sub stations, they also have UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) that allows time for standby diesel generators to start up. They also are protected from flood and fitted with powerful fire suppressants

We provide multiple layers of anti-virus and intrusion detection software that protects your applications and document files from harm


This is perhaps one of the most important benefits. Data created in the data centre is backed up every night (more frequently if required). So accidentally deleted files can easily be recovered or if you want to work from an earlier version, then all it takes is a ‘phone call.

Business Continuity

This is another hidden bonus. By running applications inside the data centre precious business information can never be lost or stolen. It is always there where you need it 24 x 7 and it can be accessed even if your normal workplace has been damaged or compromised so that your staff cannot get in to work, then that becomes much less of an issue when the business applications run in a data centre.

Fraud and E-Crime

Most business crime is carried out by insiders. Often it is difficult to detect before a great deal of loss has been incurred. Measures taken in a data centre produce an audit trial and set up a signal if there is unusual behaviour or persistent attempts to access data without permissions. Also the structure of data files makes it easy for authorised users to find what they are looking for and difficult for unauthorised users.

Setting up that sort of structure is expensive to achieve at the individual level but we can spread the costs over hundreds of users so that it becomes more affordable for all.

The incident of e-crime carried out by organised gangs is expanding exponentially. They are not attacking banks and large corporations that have adequate protection in place. They are attacking the millions of under protected Small Businesses.

If a business is not connected to the Internet, then their main threat is internal. If they are connected to the Internet then the outside threat becomes very tangible.

Companies, connected to the Internet, that do not have access to a very competent and well trained IT resource are behaving as foolishly as when everyone used to leave their car keys in the ignition.

The only affordable, safe way for a business to connect to the Internet is through a data centre where layers of protection are provided as a matter of course.

Industry Best Practice

We all know that computers break and software becomes corrupted. Sorting it out is expensive and usually means that normal operations cannot be achieved until it has been sorted. It is in our best interest to make sure every-thing runs smoothly, so we monitor performance and take corrective action before it goes wrong so that from the users perspective it almost never does.

This means that our customers can enjoy corporate quality IT facilities without individually having to pay for it.

One of the most important tasks is to decide which patches and upgrades to apply. These patches can have unforeseen impacts on the way applications work and should never be applied without rigorous testing. As a result few small businesses apply the patches and leave themselves open to well published vulnerabilities. Our well trained team always ensure that the correct patches are properly installed.

Virtual Teams and Collaboration

Often small organisations work virtually, 3 – 4 people working together but in separate geographic locations. Life becomes so much easier when they all operate out of the same data centre.

Successful business are noticeably more joined up in their activity within the company and with their customers and suppliers.

Using a data centre makes it easier and safer to use these collaboration tools such as SharePoint and Groove to speed up the process of communication and gain competitive advantage.


E- commerce is when companies take orders and probably payments on their Web site. Many of these initiatives fail, not because of lack of demand but because of lack of fulfilment. Customers become frustrated and repeat business dries up and favourable word of mouth referrals never take place. Putting order fulfilment activities in a data centre is a big step forward in ensuring that order fulfilment becomes more achievable, reliable and secure.




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