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Secure Business Continuity


Last year 67% of UK companies suffered a virus attack, according to statistics published by the National Hi Tech Crime Unit. A DTI survey calculated that 1 in 5 incidents caused disruption lasting more than a week. According to the same report “80% of companies suffering this type of disruption do not survive the flowing 18 months”.

Last year 77% of companies lost a laptop computer. The risks are expensive as one recent DTI survey confirmed that the average cost of a security breech is £30,000.

Weak computer security allows the risk of unauthorised access to your private files, infecting your system with viruses, hijacking your resources, vandalising your Web site and perpetrating identity fraud. Denial of Service attacks can be a ‘game’ for amateurs or a serious threat posed by blackmailers, criminals or even unscrupulous competitors.

Against these risks, the cost of security both in time and money seems like a sensible insurance policy. A great deal of the solution is common sense. In the same way that today’s businessman would never dream of leaving his office unlocked at night, then the savvy businessman would never leave his business information insecure.

The technical aspect can cause a form of blindness and it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that this is expensive and impenetrable for all but the highly paid information security consultant.

The British Chamber of Commerce have published a guide listing 10 steps to security

  • Install virus protection
  • Setup a firewall
  • Keep software up to date. Always use the latest releases and install patches as soon as they are made available
  • Use Strong passwords
  • Ensure physical security
  • Take special care of laptops and ensure that latest data is backed up in a secure environment. At all times minimise the amount of commercially sensitive information stored on the laptop.
  • Connect remote users over a secure connection using strong user validation and authentication.
  • Lock down wireless networks and set default parameters to ensure that all data traffic is fully encrypted.
  • Browse the Web defensively. Do not use business computers to browse ‘black’ or dodgy sites.
  • Backup, backup, backup.

Taking protective measures can seem painful but our Security alliance partner QCC have developed a Security Incident Database (SID) that enables recording, management and reporting of security and safety incidents.

Experts agree that running your applications from a well managed data centre provides immediate compliance with more than 80% of the checklist of requirements to satisfy BS 7799 Information Security, BS15000 IT Service Management Standard and PAS 56 Guide to Business Continuity.



Remember, Secure Virtual Office will support any software package that will run under Windows operating system. Prices vary according to the supporting services selected.

Prices are for a monthly subscription and exclude VAT, which will be applied at the standard rate. There is also a set-up fee which is equal to the one month’s subscription of the enrolled services. Prospective users can register on line and payment is by direct debit. As soon as contact and bank details have been registered your subscription will be processed. There is no limit to the number of users that can be registered at each application. Minimum contract period is six months but there is a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.



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