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Most people now recognise the importance of arranging secure off-site backup for their important business and personal documents. That said, many people still find it an irksome chore often forgotten or skimped. Even more devastating is to find that the back-up process will not recover destroyed or corrupted files. Frequently the back up source is itself corrupt or it will not recreate valid file structures. A recent DTI report confirms that 80% of companies that suffer a catastrophic disk failure, fire, flood or theft (and are not able to recover their data from complete and up to date back up media) do not survive the next 18 months.

Secure Virtual Office provides users with the highly acclaimed Veritas Backup Exec 10D to create secure off-site backup at the SVO Data Centre in the Docklands.

You choose the folders and documents you want to backup, then as you open and close documents to those folders any changes are immediately backed up to your remote storage area.

If you accidentally delete or corrupt a document on your local server or workstation then it is a simple matter for you to search your offsite folder structure and download a replacement copy without waiting for technical support to respond.

You can use this technology to recover from a catastrophic disc failure, rebuild data files into a new server or rebuild a stolen or last laptop computer.

Backup Exec 10D will also allow you to resynchronise your laptop or PDA each time you return to your base office.

Sleep sound at night, reassured that you never need to worry about backup tapes or CDs, because that task is always being performed for you in the background.

Remember, Secure Virtual Office will support any software package that will run under Windows operating system. Prices vary according to the supporting services selected.

Prices are for a monthly subscription and exclude VAT, which will be applied at the standard rate. There is also a set-up fee which is equal to the one month’s subscription of the enrolled services. Prospective users can register on line and payment is by direct debit. As soon as contact and bank details have been registered your subscription will be processed. There is no limit to the number of users that can be registered at each application. Minimum contract period is six months but there is 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.



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