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SVO Office Online 2003      

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MS Office 2003



You can try, for 15 days, an SVO MS Office and Exchange account. This is the recommended package. This combined package gives you the ability to access your files and use MS Office 2003 from anywhere in the world. By combining Office with a hosted exchange package you get the ability to have a professionally hosted email account complete with contacts and task management. Alternatively you can choose an alternative subscription package.

Please fill in your details and select the package you wish to trial for FREE. You are free to cancel your trial at any time. After the end of your trial you will be charged monthly. You can upgraded or cancelled at anytime.

For your peace of mind payments are handled by PayPal and monthly subscriptions are charged to our billing company called Firmview.

If you require more than one trial account please contact us.

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Fill in your personal details:






Select the MS Office 2003 package you require:

Office Worker Lite (SVO 100)

100MB of document storage with complete weekly backup.

Office Worker Pro (SVO 200)

100MB of storage with daily backup and 100MB archive.

Office Power Worker (SVO 300) (Recommended)

1GB of storage with daily backup and a 1GB archive.
Access from multiple machines.

Office Power Worker Plus (SVO 400)

10GB of storage with daily backup and a 3GB archive.
Access from multiple machines.

MS Exchange

Do you want an Exchange Account? This will give you a remotely hosted email account of your

Hosted MS Exchange (Recommended)




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