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“The SVO solution has provided us with a secure, reliable IT infrastructure and allowed me to concentrate on building our business, rather than constantly dealing with technical issues.”

A Pearson, Director,
Pearson and Associates, Chartered Accountants

“We tell our clients it is now time to seriously consider relocating in-house servers to a secure data centre.”

M Gosse, Managing Director,
GW Net-Working Ltd

“SVO hosts our Flightdeck CRM Solution for numerous customers up and down the UK. Our users experience far better performance than they could realistically obtain managing a platform themselves, they can access the system from anywhere and they don’t need to worry about local IT support or backups.”

P Wiggins, Managing Director,
Flightdeck CRM

“Borro is one of the fastest growing consumer finance providers in the UK, and the range of service provided by Secure Virtual Office are fundamental to the experience we provide to our clients. Secure Virtual Office has exceeded expectations on all levels, and are an important part of our continuing success.”

P Aitken, Chief Execuative Officer,
Borro Ltd

“As a business that conducts 90% of its business on e-mail, it’s imperative that we have a data centre that is reliable, safe and easy to use. Secure Virtual Office is all of those things and more -a must in today’s business world.”

Stephen Abel, Managing Director,
Parcels 4 Delivery

“We endorse the use of secure computer environments and software that do not leave users open to identity fraud. We believe that DocuSoft software running in the Secure Virtual Office environment is a safe option for any professional seeking to securely store and share documents whilst protecting their own interests and as well as the interests of their clients.”

D French, Commercial Director,

“There is a huge amount of resources going into this type of crime and the only way to combat it is to use companies like SVO who make it their business to stay ahead of these criminals.”

J Harris, Sales Director,
Accounting Office Software Ltd

“Secure Virtual Office is our partner of choice as we roll out our highly acclaimed database application to companies that require an efficient and reliable resources management and service tool which is cost effective and easy to operate.”

Rebecca Jones, Director,
Conserve Software Solutions Ltd


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